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Roll-Off Trucks and Hooklift Trucks & Hoists

Sunbelt Waste Equipment is South Florida’s premier dealer for roll off trucks, roll-off hoists, hooklift trucks, hooklift hoists, container handlers and roll off trailers.

Roll-Offs & Hooklifts

Sunbelt Waste Equipment carries a full ine of truck-mounted and trailer roll-off and hooklift hoists in single, tandem, and multi-axle configurations designed to accommodate most types of roll-off containers. We carry multiple lines of hooklifts and can custom build a hook lift for any application.

Rolloff Trucks and Hooklift Trucks


Cable & Hooklift Hoists, Rolloff Trailers, Container Handlers

We have roll offs, hooklifts, and container handlers available. Contact our experts to find the right one for you.

Rolloff Trucks and Hooklift Trucks
Rolloff Trucks and Hooklift Trucks

Cable Roll Off Hoists

Sunbelt Wast carries the very best roll-off cable hoists in the waste industry. With legendary durability and service life, these hoists will outlast most chassis.  Our full line of roll-offs and hooklifts allows you to meet most applications and regionally specific needs.

Rolloff Trucks and Hooklift Trucks

Hook Lift Hoists

Hook hoists offer greater versatility and maneuverability than traditional roll-off cable hoists. Hook hoists improve operator safety by allowing for easier in-cab hoist operation. With their exceptionally fast cycle times and up to a 62-degree dump angle for clean discharge, our hook hoists are a good choice for hauling shorter containers.

Rolloff Trucks and Hooklift Trucks

Roll-off Trailers

Light-duty and heavy-duty roll-off trailers are available in various models and configurations. These easy-to-operate trailers stand up to the daily abuse they encounter in scrap, hazardous waste, and refuse applications.  We carry the right roll off trailer for every application

Rolloff Trucks and Hooklift Trucks

Container Handlers

Sunbelt Waste Equipment offers multiple sizes and models of container handers. The CH8000 Container Handler is ideal for container delivery, pickup and placement, as well as moving empty or full containers around a yard. The Galbreath Loaded Container Handler (SLCH) was designed as a safer way to transport front load (FEL) and rear load (REL) containers on top of the truck. Containers are designed to sit level during transport to minimize trash spillage.

Roll-Off Hoists, Hooklifts, Container Handlers & Roll-Off Trailers

Sunbelt Waste Equipment is proud to be the area’s Galbreath Hoist dealer.
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The Best Products

Whether you are looking for a garbage truck, mechanic truck or crane, Sunbelt Waste Equipment has what you need. Check out our products and let us know how we can help.

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The Best Service

Sunbelt Waste Equipment is proud to be known as the best truck and body service center in the region. With on-site and mobile service available, we’ll keep you working!

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The Best Parts

Need parts for your garbage truck, roll-off truck, crane or other equipment? Sunbelt Waste Equipment is the place for OEM and aftermarket parts for many major brands.

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Your Local Roll-Off & Hooklift Dealer

Galbreath Hoists, Container Handlers & Trailers

If you are looking for a roll-off, hooklift or trailer, give Sunbelt Waste Equipment a call. We are here to help!
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